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Vamp, or the Very Awesome Microservices Platform, empowers developers and operations engineers to build applications using a service-oriented, event-driven architecture. Vamp enables Continuous Delivery and an Agile development culture by building upon container technologies like Docker.

Our opensource Vamp project can be found at

What are microservices? Read this blog post by Martin Fowler.

Cloud and PaaS Agnostic

Vamp has no preference for Clouds. We run on AWS, Google Compute Engine, VmWare or plain iron. We need Linux for Docker containers and Java: that's it.
Vamp can also directly integrate with PaaS platforms. Currently we support Apache Mesos and Marathon. Integrations with CloudFoundry, Google Container Engine and Amazon EC2 Container Service are on the roadmap.

Open Source & Enterprise

Vamp is being developed as open source core under the Apache 2.0 License, free to use and extend for everyone.
On top of Vamp Open Source, we are developing modules that address typical enterprise needs, like extra security, LDAP integration and audit trailing.

Big Data Pipeline

Vamp collects tons of metrics on all running services and uses these metrics to monitor, adjust and scale up services based on your thresholds and criteria. Of course, we expose this data over our API so you can also hook it into your own monitoring solution. Data driven infrastructure is here.

Self Healing

Vamp allows self healing of services.
Integrating our DSL with a live feed of all health data available, we are able to make smart decisions on what should happen when Cyber Monday hits or when code goes haywire. This magic depends on our integration with underlying PaaS & IaaS platforms, together with our Big Data driven SLA monitoring.

Declare your SLA requirements per service and let Vamp manage scaling and performance

Like many things on paper, SLA's on paper are a thing of the past. Vamp gives you SLA's that actively manage your services. You can set upper/lower thresholds and hard limits on how many resources you want to throw at a service.

Our SLA management system acts on a live stream of metric data coming from all parts of the Vamp infrastructure. This allows for scaling up and down on very specific metrics, not just CPU or memory usage.

Take A/B-testing and canary releases to the next level

Want to release your services the way Netflix does? Now you can! Vamp allows you to independently release new versions of full service stacks and slowly bring them into production.

Using our load balancing and service deployment strategies, you can avoid Big Bang releases forever and test out new functionality safely. In production.

Manage microservices using our powerful DSL

Vamp allows developers to describe and deploy microservice-based application architectures independently of the underlying Cloud or PaaS solution. Vamp takes care of connecting all the dots.

This might sound a lot like typical Heroku-style build packs, but our DSL goes much further: it actively manages an arbitrary chain of services and migrations of elements in this chain. Think AWS Cloudformation for microservices on Mesos, CloudFoundry or any of our other future PaaS integrations.

Where does Vamp live in my current infrastructure?

Vamp is like glue around your applications. For Vamp to do its magic, it sits in between your direct inflow of user traffic and your backend systems, like databases, CRM and ERP systems.

However, Vamp can easily live next to your current production systems, just tapping into specific parts of your application landscape. This makes migration to Vamp easy and care free.

three tier architecture
From a Dev perspective...

Developers describe their services, API’s and their dependencies using our simple DSL. Vamp then creates the Docker containers, all the necessary routing and plumbing and deploys them to your choice of underlying infrastructure. From this moment, you have access to all the releases, test and monitoring functions

From an Ops perspective...

Vamp runs on Cloud providers like Amazon or Google Compute Engine, on private Clouds like VmWare or bare metal. Vamp can also run directly on PaaS and Container Management platforms like Mesosphere/ Marathon and IBM Bluemix.


Build revolutionarily

Put your efforts towards creating the stuff that doesn’t exist yet. The rest we can just buy, borrow, fork or clone.


Don't predict, be reactive

Nobody really knows what's going to happen, so react to whatever comes your way.


Compose with microservices

Monolithic has been dead for a while. Keep it that way.


Faster is always better

The millisecond is the new second. Especially on mobile.


Ride the wave and make it bigger

Useful and cool stuff is released all the time. Use it and contribute to it.


New is hard, but that's OK

Some things don't have patterns, references or best practices yet. Don't be afraid to coin them.


Easy can be complex

Some things are complex by nature. The challenge is making them look simple. That's even more complex. Nice!


Use what works

Ignore religious debates about tools, languages and platforms. They will eat your happiness and confidence.


Do full stack UI & UX

API's, CLI's, manual pages and admin screens also need a proper UI and UX.


Don't be a stranger

It's 2016: Brazil, India and China are just around the corner. Use I18N.


These are our dogmas. Some of these dogmas contradict each other.
Most of these dogmas aren't even ours.
Luckily, this is all in line with our dogmas.

  Help us create the future!

We are creating a product that will disrupt and redefine the way companies build and manage their service based infrastructures. You will be working alongside the best people, using the latest techniques available. Help us make it happen!

Lead Software Engineer - back end

As our lead software engineer you will act as the voice and conscience of your development team. People will look to you for advice and leadership.

  • You have 6+ years of JVM (Java, Scala, JRuby, Clojure ...) development and systems architecture experience under your belt.
  • You have designed and implemented e-commerce/transactional applications in production environments at "enterprise" level and scale.
  • Working in a "DevOps" environment brings out the best in you: ops & admins are friends!
  • You are able to strike a great balance between beauty/elegance and realism/pragmatism: remember; you’re a true craftsman
  • You love making software!
Bonus points
  • Hands-on experience coding for Zookeeper and Cassandra.
  • Experience with Docker.

Software engineer - front end

As a frontend software engineer, you are the linking pin between your backend co-workers, the visual designers and the end customer.

  • You have 3+ years of experience of developing high-quality professional front-end code.
  • You live and breathe Javascript, CSS and related frameworks like AngularJS, Node.js, Sass, etc.
  • You obsess over responsive design, graceful degradation, breakpoints etc.
  • You love good form, function and smooth interaction.
  • You are able to strike a great balance between beauty/elegance and realism/pragmatism: remember; you’re a true craftsman.
  • You love making software!
Bonus points
  • Hands-on experience with UX design and testing
  • Experience in implementing admin type web application front ends
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How/Where/When can I buy Vamp?

At this moment we are actively developing the opensource Vamp ( We are planning to launch Vamp Enterprise in Q2 2016.

Are you guys open source?

Certainly. The core of Vamp, named "Vamp Core", is open source and licensed under the Apache license.
We strongly believe in open source and contribute back to technologies we use like Docker and Mesosphere's Marathon. Our Enterprise modules that work on top of Vamp Core are not open source.

Didn't you start building an e-commerce platform?

TLDR; We pivoted to building Vamp, which was initially only our in house engine.
Full story: We started focused on disrupting the enterprise e-commerce software market. We spotted an opportunity for a stable, scalable and faster e-commerce platform for online enterprises.
As we started to work full-time on validating our e-commerce solution we encountered a lot of interest from the IT departments of banks, insurance companies and tech-savy e/retailers. They wanted Vamp more than our e-commerce solution. Who are we to say no.

How do you relate to other PaaS and container management solutions?

Vamp, our flagship product, is not a PaaS platform or Docker container management platform: Vamp can run on other PaaS or container management platforms. It is our vision that application and container deployment will be a commodity very soon. and Vamp provide higher level services and builds on underlying platforms like Mesos or Cloudfoundry.

logo Enterprises need faster and less cumbersome ways to innovate their online channels

We started because we were fed up with the way online systems are built in the typical enterprise. Enterprises are held hostage by long and slow development projects that result in high risk, big-bang releases. This kills innovation and stifles change. It is our mission to change this: is dedicated to developing solutions that enable and stimulate innovation and change, while reducing risk and cost.

 Meet the team

Olaf Molenveld
Dragoslav Pavković
Architect/Lead Developer
Hermen Heinen
Non-executive board member

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